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The rules of "01" is the classic game of Darts, played world-wide. The "01" refers to the fact that the game is played from a certain number of points, always ending in "01". For example, the common tournament game of 501, is played from 501 points. Other variations are 301, 601, 801, 1001. The higher point games are usually played by teams.

The objective of the ’01’ game is simple, each player starts with the same score (501, for example) and the first to reduce his score to zero wins. Players take turns throwing three darts each and subtract all points scored from their own beginning score (501). Each player removes his darts and marks his score before the opponent throws. .

The difficult part of the game lies in the finish, known as "going-out". To win, you must reach zero before your opponent, but you must also reach exactly zero. Have fun!

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