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You will be surprised by the sense of innovation and creativity of our designers, discovering the unusual lines of our Blackball model.

You will be charmed by subtle curves, the smoothness of the players and the quality of irresistible game! Options never seen: lighting of the cauldron by diodes, sound when you score a goal, honeycomb design ...

The Black Ball is designed to be absoutely unqiue for you. Chrome aluminum series of players with frosted foot laser for perfect ball bite and silkscreened Chrome aluminum handles long or round series with soft grip rubbers (anti-slip and anti perspirants) white or black Stainless steel bowls high range goals Treaty Counting score by automatic detection (electronic sensors) also touch counter.

External dimensions: L 175 x W 86 x H 94 cm Weight: 120 kg

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CentrumBilliard specialises in Soccer Table, Foosball Table & providing a wide range of game tables since 1973. All soccer tables sold by CentrumBilliard comes with warranty and we provide service and maintenance for our tables. We are also the authorised dealer and partners with many world renowned game table brands bringing the best of games to your homes. We provide expert advice, reliable delivery, great value, competitive prices and quality service & sales support to our customers. Our company philosophy is bringing people together so join in the fun!

You can call us +65 62245888 and speak to a member of our team who will be able to answer any questions you might have.

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