Products Width Weight
No 10 Championship 191cm (75") 931g/m (30oz/yd) The professional snooker cloth. The official and exclusive cloth of World Snooker. Used at all ranking events worldwide since 1980. The ultimate playing surface.
Special 191cm (75") 1054g/m (34oz/yd) Traditional heavyweight snooker cloth for long life.
6811 Tournament 32oz 193cm (76") 992g/m (32oz/yd) The world's most popular snooker cloth. Accurate, high control and long lasting.
6811 Tournament 30oz 193cm (76") 931g/m (30oz/yd) The world's most popular snooker cloth. Fast, accurate, high control. Used exclusively at the IBSF World Championships, the Asian and European snooker Championships.
6811 New Club 196cm (77") 868g/m (28oz/yd) High quality, fast, club quality snooker cloth.
6811 Original Club 196cm (77") 931g/m (30oz/yd) High quality, long lasting, club quality snooker cloth. Also available in 155cm (61") for the small table market in China.
The Strachan range of snooker cloths are all made in England using 100% Pure New Wool.